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SOMMAVILLA,  its name derives from Latin: Summa Villa, meaning “farmhouse situated on the highest peak in respect to the surrounding land” . History has it that since Roman times the winery “Sommavilla” has produced wine and oil of the highest quality, mostly due to the particularly optimum climatic location of that area. 


The farm extends through the Tuscan hills of Montalbano for about 30 acres, 10 of which  are cultivated with grapevines and 20 with olive trees, all producing prestigious wine and oil of superior organic quality. The owners themselves, right here on the property, are at your disposal for free wine and olive oil tastings and the sale of these excellent products.


The family business has carried on for many generations, maintaining intact their love and passion for working the land. Since 1999, following the renovations made to the building above the wine cellar, the working farm became also Agriturismo Sommavilla.

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