Agriturismo Sommavilla - Azienda agricola Sommavilla di Rosselli - Lamporecchio
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Highway “Autostrada A1” (from Milano- towards Roma):
When on the highway A1, near Florence (Firenze Nord) take the exit to get on the highway marked A11 in direction Pisa Nord and get off at Pistoia. Follow the signs after the toll booth that lead to Lamporecchio; after about 9 km on a road through the valley, the road starts to go up a hill in the direction of San Baronto. Once you get to the center of San Baronto, at the fork in the road turn left toward Vinci. After about 6 km you will arrive at the beginning of the town Fornello. Before you enter into the town, veer right in respect to the main road. After about 100 meters, on the right, you will see Agriturismo Sommavilla.

Highway “Autostrada A1” (from Roma- towards Milano):
When on the highway A1, near the city of Florence (Firenze) take the exit Firenze/Signa. Get on the state road 67 marked FI-PI-LI (Firenze-Pisa-Livorno) in the direction Pisa-Livorno. Take the second exit which is Empoli. Follow signs to Vinci. After about 10km, go through the town of Vinci and follow signs to San Baronto. After about 5km, after the sign posted Fornello, turn left into Via Orbignanese. After about 100 meters, on the right, you will see Agriturismo Sommavilla.

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